Nazish Akhtar

Software Engineer

I am seeking a software engineer position. Previously, I worked for three years professionally as Head of Engineering, utilizing Python, Django, React, and AWS. Before that, I worked as a Freelancer, primarily using PHP and Python. I have also worked with Flask. However, I am flexible with the tech stack and can acquire new skills on the go.

My Journey

  • 2016
    University of Petroleum and Energy Studies
  • 2018
    Web/Backend Developer
  • 2019
    Head of Engineering
    Venido Cabs
  • 2020
    Bachelors Completed
  • 2021
    Left as Head of Engineering
  • 2022
    University of Birmingham
  • 2023
    Masters Completed
  • Open to new roles


The Drinks Exchange (TDX)


The application was conceptualized on the lines of stock exchanges, where the prices of drinks rise in direct proportion to their consumption, with costs starting as low as those seen in a retail store. Worked as a backend developer for a mobile application, where my role was to design and develop backend architecture for the application.

  • - An admin section to manage day to day tasks such as bill generation, adding or removing drinks, monitoring active tables, and their orders.
  • - Functions like OTP verification, real-time fluctuations of price, online payment, online ordering system, etc.

Tech Stack:

PHP, MySQL, PubNub, Redis, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript/JQuery


Developed a Geographic Information System (GIS) software, for the Wildlife Institute of India, to identify areas in a wildlife reserve that are more prone to poaching.

  • - Reading and analyzing a shapefile with superimposition.
  • - Create input data about each cell within a shapefile, focusing on poaching hotspots, and generating a non-deterministic, optimal path for the guards.
  • - Suggest paths in the wildlife which is prone to poaching.

Tech Stack:

PyQT, Shapely, Fiona, Matplotlib, SQLite


Track the daily activity of NFT projects over various social media platforms.

  • - Users can add their favorite NFT projects and track them.
  • - The feed includes daily average growth or weekly average growth based on user settings. It tracks Twitter, OpenSea, and Discord.
  • - Users can subscribe for notifications when the growth rate falls below 10% or 20% or vice-versa. Even they could define their rates.

Tech Stack:

Django/Django cookiecutter with DRF, PostgreSQL, Celery, Flower